13th September 2015

Prompt from thewritepractice.com:

Write a story for fifteen minutes today.

Buoyed by the question, “how about we go shopping for new shoes for you today?” I skipped out to the car. Right sneaker in hand, I hovered from shelf to shelf flitting from lace-ups to mules to boots. Each one got it’s chance before the mirror as I appraised each factor: comfort, colour, style. I knew as soon as I slipped them on. The satisfying sigh said it all: this is the pair!

Grinning big and silly I made for the cash register. The cashier checked each shoe, “both size 6, always good to double check! Would you like the box?” Looking over my shoulder, my breath caught in my chest as my eyes squinched in the direction of the door, “where is she going?”

Eyes widening before I briefly shut them, my brain whirred past the realisation that she hadn’t explicitly offered to buy the shoes for me and onto the sobering truth that the bill was all mine. I clenched my teeth and smiled at the waiting cashier, “let’s try this card.”


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